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Eldercare Financing (Real Estate)

We have been providing bridge loans to Seniors transitioning into Independent Living and Assisted Living Facilities.
It is our mission to make the bridge loan process as seamless as possible. Competitive rates and Concierge service 
When initially transitioning a loved one to senior living, it is common for families to experience a gap in available funding when trying to pay for care.
Often scenarios are:
  1.  I want to move to a community, but I need to sell my house first
  2. I need to move to assisted living quickly, but I don’t have immediate access to cash
  3. I need to pay for rent and care while I am waiting for home to sell
  4. I need to pay a large up-front entrance or move-in fee, but I need to sell my home before I move.

We will provide the cash until your home sell. Contact us, we would love to help!

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